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Publication of Proceedings
June 22, 2012: The ACAT 2011 Workshop proceedings are now published in Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 368 (2012).

How to get to Brunel University

This is more specific information on how to get to Brunel University from Heathrow Airport and Central London than what is provided on the General Information webpage of this workshop.

From Heathrow Airport

The simplest way to go from Heathrow  Airport to Brunel University is to use the U3 bus from the Central Bus Station.  This bus runs approximately every 12  minutes during weekdays and Saturdays, every 20 minutes on Sundays.  For a  more specific timetable consult Transport for London web-site.  The fare is £2.20 (pay the driver) or £1.30 if you use a pay-as-you-go Oyster card (Oyster cards may be purchased at Heathrow Tube Stations).

Catch the U3 bus at Bus Stop 18 at the Central Bus Station, which is located by Terminals 1 and 3.  To get to it from Terminal 4, use the free service on the Heathrow Connect trains; from Terminal 5 use the free service on the Heathrow Express trains.  There are also other free travel services around the Heathrow site, see this map.

Travel time to Brunel University on the U3 bus is approximately 30 minutes.  The buses are equipped with bus-stop indicators and (usually) a voice announcement of the next stop.  To help you count down to Brunel University, the four previous stops are Hillingdon Hospital (a rather large building), Peel Way, St Laurence Church and Huxley Close.  At the Brunel University stop, use the pedestrian crossing to the eastern side of Cleveland Road and you will find yourself on the main spine footway through campus (see Campus Map).

The A10 semi-express bus also runs from Bus Stop 18, but it stops at The  Greenway which is much further away from campus.

You may choose to use a Taxi or Mini-Cab instead.  Taxi stands can be found outside of each terminal at Heathrow Airport.  Phone numbers for taxi companies are listed on the General Information webpage.  The cost of a taxi/mini-cab is around £20-£25. You should ask the driver to bring you on the western side of the campus, on Cleveland Road, or on the eastern side on Kingstone Lane (the main entrance, better adapted for car stops), depending where you want to go first (at the registration location or the accommodation hall).

From Central London

There are several ways to get to Brunel University from Central London, depending on where you find yourself.

London Tube (underground):  Both the Piccadilly and Metropolitan lines terminate at Uxbridge Tube Station. From Uxbridge Tube Station you can take the U3, U1 or U7 bus to Brunel University campus. The U3 stops in Cleveland Road at “Brunel University”  next to the main spine footway of the campus; the U1 and U7 stop at “Brunel University/Kingston Lane” on the eastern side of the campus.

Taxi stands can be found just outside the Tube station, across the pedestrian area.

The campus is only a 20-25min walk from the Tube station.

Main-line train:  From Paddington Station take a train to West Drayton. At West Drayton take a U3 or U1 bus towards Uxbridge to arrive on the west  or east side of the campus, respectively.  From Marylebone Station, take a train to West Ruislip and catch the U1 bus through Uxbridge to the Kingston Lane stop for Brunel University.


Registration will take place in the Michael Sterling building. This is located near Cleveland Road on the main spine walkway through campus, approximately 60m east of the U3 bus stops.  From the U1 or U7 bus stop, it is approximately 500m west, down the hill and across the River Pinn (the small river crossing the campus).  On the Campus Map it is located in Zone C. Enter the building by the entrance opposite the statue of Isambard K Brunel. The registration desk will be located in the Atrium (the ground floor area) of the building.

The registration/information desk will be open during the following times:
Sunday 4 September  15:30-19:30
Monday 5 September  8:30 -11:30 and 15:45-16:45
Tuesday 6 September 10:00-11:00 and 15:30-16:30
Wednedays 7 September 10:00-11:00
Thursday 8 September 10:00-11:00 and 15:30-16:30
Friday 9 September 10:00-11:00


The accommodation (for those who have chosen the accommodation/meal package) will be in the Bishop Hall (Building 8 on the Campus Map).  The key to your accommodation will be available as follows:
- arriving on Sunday between 15:30 and 19:30 – at the registration desk,
- arriving at any other times during the weekend  – at the security office.
- arriving weekdays during working hours (9:00-17:00)  – at the Bishop reception (in the Bishop Hall),
- arriving weekdays during out of working hours (before 9:00 and after 17:00)  – at the security office.

The security office is located on the main spine walkway through campus, near Cleveland road, midway between the Michael Sterling building and the U3 bus stops.


Meals for those who have chosen the accommodation/meal package will be served in the Hamilton Centre as follows:
- breakfast in More Food Hall ( 7:30-9:00) – entre the Hamilton Centre by the front entrance
from the main walkway (between the campus shops), take the stairs to the 1st floor and on the left is the More Food Hall. The breakfast is self service. Chose 5 items, pass by the counter to show your badge and then enjoy your breakfast.
- lunch (12:00-14:00) and dinner (20:00-22:00) in the Cavendish Room – enter the Hamilton Centre by the side entrance, near the Brunel statue, behind the HSBC bank office, go to the first floor and on the right is the entrance to Cavendish Room.

All meals are served based on the ACAT badges. Please wear yours at all times.

Workshop venues

The workshop activities will take place in the following venues:

- plenary sessions – Newton Room, Hamilton Centre,
- track 1 parallel sessions – Newton Room, Hamilton Centre,
- track 2 parallel sessions – room 158, Michael Sterling buiding (1st floor),
- track 3 parallel sessions – room 362, Michael Sterling building (3rd floor),
- poster session – Atrium, Michael Sterling building,
- panel/round table discussions – the same room as the parallel sessions of the corresponding track,
- welcome reception and coffee breaks – Atrium (ground floor area), Michael Sterling building.

Newton Room is located on the 1st floor of the Hamilton Centre. Enter the Hamilton Centre by the front entrance from the main walkway (between the campus shops), take the stairs to the 1st floor and on the right is the entrace to Newton Room. Alternatively, take the side entrance in the Hamilton Centre, near the Brunel statue, behind the HSBC bank office, go to the 1st floor and on the left is the entrance to Newton Room.

Talks and posters

All plenary talks are of 40min, including time for questions and answers.
All parallel talks are of 25min, including time for questions and answers.

The slides of the talks should be uploaded on indico as soon as possible.

The posters should be in the A0 format. Both portrait and landscape formats can be accommodated. The participants are expected to come with their poster already printed.

The poster boads will be available for poster display from Wednesday, 7 September afternoon until Friday, 9 September at noon. The dedicated poster session will take place on Thursday, 8 September, 18:00-19:30.

Internet access

Internet access is available through the eduRoam network or through a GuestNet network.
Wireless access will be available in the workshop venues. Wired connection will be available
in the accommodation rooms.

JRS/eduRoam network

Brunel University is a Ja.Net Roaming Service (JRS)/eduRoam member.  You must register at your home institution before attempting to use eduRoam at Brunel University.  A world wide map of eduRoam members is available on the eduRoam website.

In order to use the service you will be required to agree to the Terms & Conditions set out in the Brunel Acceptable Use Policy and the JaNET Roaming Policy .

Visitors must follow Brunel University’s local policies and guidelines, which includes using security software and secure protocols to avoid computer viruses.  At Brunel University we insist that you have a valid and up to date anti-virus product installed and working on your computer, as well as spyware protection and an enabled firewall.  It is also a requirement that you have downloaded and installed all the critical Microsoft security updates and patches if you use Microsoft software.

You should connect to the wireless network using the SSID ‘eduroam’ and configure your wireless profile with the following encryption: WPA Enterprise, TKIP, as set out in these instructions.

Users experiencing any technical problems with the Roaming service or with remote access facilities provided by their Home Organisation, should consult their Home Organisation IT Support.


Participants at the workshop will also have access to the guest service GuestNet (wireless access in the workshop venues, wired connection in the accommodation rooms).  Credentials will be provided at registration and  connection details will be included in the  welcome pack.

Excursion and workshop dinner

A visit to Windsor town and Windsor Castle will be organised on Wednesday afternoon, 7 September. This will be followed by the workshop dinner which will take place at Hatfield House, in the Old Palace (19:30-22:30).

The worlshop dinner is sponsored by Dell.

Transportation will be organised by coaches from Brunel University to Windsor and then
continuing to Hatfield House. Participants who prefer to visit London during the Wednesday afternoon rather than to take part in the organised excursion will need to make their own way to Hatfield House for the workshop dinner. Dirrections from London can be found

Arrival at Hatfield House is scheduled for 19:15. The dinner will be preceded by a short introduction to the Hatfield Estate.

Emergency contact

Liliana Teodorescu
Phone: +44(0)-1895-266803 (internal extension 66803);  +44-(0)7758005407

Brunel Security office: +44 (0)1895 255786 (Internal extension: 66943)

Bishop Hall Reception: +44(0)01895  267284